Keynote Sessions

The State of the Physician Workforce & Its Impact on Care Team Resilience and Affirmation of the Patient/Family Experience (CME Offered)

Session Date and Time

9/28/20, 6:30 PM

Arif Kamal, MD, MBA, MHS, Medical Oncologist, Palliative Medicine Specialist, Physician Quality and Outcomes Officer, Duke Cancer Institute

About the session

In this session, Dr. Kamal will provide insight into the current state of the physician workforce, including the impending retirement of a generation of physicians and how that will impact other members of the care team. As providers of care, resilience in the face of burnout is a critical component to acknowledging and affirming the individual patient experience and their decision-making, as well as the emotional impact a serious illness can have on patients and their families. How do we walk the fine line of remembering that it’s “their story, not ours,” while being the best patient advocates that we can be?