Keynote Sessions

Grief Management Through Yoga

Session Date and Time

9/29/20, 5:00 PM

Sarah McNulty, MSW, LCSW, RYT-200, Certified Yoga Instructor, Hospice Facility Team Social Worker, AuthoraCare Collective

About the session

In this session, Sarah McNulty, MSW, LCSW and Registered Yoga Teacher, will explain the benefits of yoga as it pertains to grief management and as an extension of your bereavement program. Yoga has been recommended for symptoms of anxiety and depression and is being utilized for management of grief. Developing a yoga practice as a coping skill can be beneficial to someone who experiences symptoms of grief, most commonly depression and anxiety. Applying yoga to grief management provides an opportunity to manage symptoms of grief and support healing. Yoga can be used in a supportive grief group setting as well as during individual sessions. Providing supportive processing groups that utilize yoga and other aspects of yoga such as meditation and breathing, Hospice agencies will be able to provide an opportunity for clients to expand their coping skills. In the second half of the session, Sarah will lead us through postures and other exercises that we can implement daily into our own routines and self-reflection practices.