4th AHHC Advocacy Cornhole 


Don't miss out on the fun! Join us for the 4th Annual AHHC Advocacy Cornhole Tournament! We will be providing your favorite steel drum tunes, apps & beverages, and more fun than you can throw a bag full of corn at!

Check out all the details and sign up at the link below.

Sponsored by:

Registered Teams:


Shannon McCarson 

Trip Smithdeal

Elite Benefits

John Smyth 

Tim Hamilton

Toss Like a Boss

Nick Seabrook 

Matt Hughes

Questionable Encounters

Rob Simione

Eric Michel

The Heartbreakers

Matt Wolfe

Tim Rogers

Kan Hole

Chris Taylor

Kelly Bishop

The Flat Liners

Mary Lucas

Peter McCann

High Thrive

Jamie Thurlow

Kim Inscoe

Sandata Shooters

Steve Pellito

Phil Feldman

Maized and Confused

John Pandolfi

Pablo Gonzalez

Work Comp Slashers

Kenny Ripley

Justin Tolley

Forcura Lokos

Sid Simmons

Lindsay Forrest

Aveanna Healthcare

Robert Chapa 

Lauren Teller

Miracle Workers

Devin Griffith

Heather Smith


Contact Courtney Hodges with Tournament Questions:



High Quality, Super Strong Construction 24"x 48" ACA Certified Tournament Grade Cornhole Game Set

  • Solid Wood 2x4 Frames & Folding Legs

  • ACA Certified Cornhole Board Set

  • Comes with 8 Matching Bags and a Cornhole Bag String Pack




  • Each bag on the board = 1 point

  • Each bag in the hole = 3 points

  • Any bags touching the ground or “bounced” onto the board do not count and are to be removed prior to the next bag being thrown by the opposing team.

  • Total points for each team are calculated using only those points that were not canceled out.

    • Example:

      • Team 1 throws 1 bag in the hole and 3 bags land on the board for a total of 6 points;

      • Team 2 throws 1 bag in the hole and 2 bags land on the board for a total of 5 points;

      • Then Team 1 receives 1 point for that round.

  • The team who scores last will have the first throw of the next round.

  • The 1st team to score 21 points or more will be declared the winner of that game.

  • Four games of cornhole will be going on simultaneously. The winner of each game is recorded on the bracket and will move on to the next round of the tournament.

  • All games go to 21 or more to win.

  • Scorekeepers will be provided.

NEW THIS YEAR: Boards will be randomly assigned.

Medicaid Wizards

Richard Rutherford

Dillon Lowe


Nena Reeves

Leah Britt

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